Welcome to the 2023 edition of the Atos IT Challenge.

This contest is organized by Atos International SAS, Société par Actions Simplifiée, having its registered headquarters at River Ouest, 80, quai Voltaire, 95870 Bezons, France and registered under number 412 190 977 RCS Pontoise.

The objective of our IT Challenge is to promote and encourage innovation in an open environment amongst best-in-class universities and students and to support young professionals and innovators in taking their solution forward.

These are the terms and conditions that will govern the contest. Please read them carefully.

By entering the competition you agree to abide by the terms and conditions described below (hereinafter the “Rules”).


The Rules can be consulted and printed at any time from the contest website at the following address: www.atositchallenge.net or they can be sent to you upon written request to the Contest Administrators at the address indicated in IT Challenge contacts below.




  • The contest is open to students enrolled at university or in an engineering school during the academic year 2022-2023, from any grade.
  • The contest requires a good level of English both verbal and in writing as this is the spoken language of the contest.
  • Each university or school will be able to present as many teams as they prefer, and each team will have to be composed by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 members. All teams must be formed from students of the same university.
  • Participation in the contest shall be formalized by each team registering online via the official contest website and fully submitting their application
  • No entries from Atos employees, graduates, interns or apprentices that are a paid employee of Atos during the competition will be accepted to avoid perceived advantage.
  • Formal Submission of the idea: until November 30th, 2022
  • Pre-selection decision: December 1st – 15th, 2022
  • Development Phase: December 16th, 2022 – April 2023
  • Presentation of solution: April – May, 2023
  • Selection decision: May – June, 2023
  • Award Ceremony: July, 2023

The IT Challenge Jury for the Pre-Selection Phase (Submission of Solution) shall be composed by members of the Atos Scientific Community (the Atos community gathering the best scientific experts within the Atos Group worldwide).

The Jury for the Final Phase (Development and Presentation of Solution) shall be integrated by respectively Atos Top Executives, Technical experts and invited Partners. The composition of the Final Jury shall be made available to the teams prior to the Presentation phase.


The criteria to select the finalists and the winning projects will be:

Phase 1- Pre-selection phase:

  • Coherence with the theme
  • Benefit of the service for end-users (Is it useful? Does it bring something new?)
  • Benefit of the service for business partners
  • Personal feeling (Originality, Do I like it?)
  • Reality of business model (Feasibility, Market size, Ecosystem, Risks, etc.)
  • Technical feasibility (Architecture, Project plan, etc.)

Phase 2- Development and presentation phase:

  • Benefit of the service for end-users (Is it useful? Does it bring something new?)
  • Benefit of the service for business partners
  • Look and feel (Design, Ergonomy, Simplicity, Do I want to use it?)
  • How far is go to market? (Key partnership required, Risks, Market size)
  • Technical quality
  • Excellence bonus! (Only for 1 project by each jury member)

The final Jury will select 1 winner and 2 finalists:

  • 1st Prize:  €10,000
  • 2nd Prize:  €5,000
  • 3rd Prize: €3,000

Atos will also appoint a special “IT Challenge” HR point of contact, for those members of the winning and finalist teams that may wish to apply directly for an internship or employment opportunity within Atos.


Prizes for all participants:

  • All finalists in the IT Challenge will be invited to apply for an internship to work as part of the Atos organization.
  • For information on the Atos internship opportunities and how to apply, please visit the “About Atos” section.


Note: Atos reserves the right not to select any winner should the final solution presented fail to meet basic admissibility criteria as per the Jury’s reasonable judgment.

Atos reserves the right to modify or substitute any of the above prizes (for other prizes of equivalent value).

Acceptance of the Rules

By entering this contest, the participants agree to abide by the Rules. This includes acceptance of the Rules by each individual member of the participating teams. By submitting the registration form, each member of the team, warrants that he/she has all required authorizations and consents to enter into this competition on behalf of the relevant University and that all the consents and authorizations required from the members of the team, in case the registration is made by one team member on behalf of the rest of the members of the team, have also been duly obtained. Atos reserves the right to disqualify from the contest, at any time, any team that in their reasonable opinion fails to comply with the Rules or whose participation may be contrary to or damaging the development or performance of the IT Challenge, Atos or other participants or third parties´ interests, image or reputation.



All official communications in relation to the IT Challenge (oral and written) shall be in English. All materials and documents submitted for the purposes of the contest shall be in English, including but not limited to the submission of solution and the presentations of the solution.



By conducting the IT Challenge, Atos’ and joint intention is to promote and encourage innovation and competition amongst young graduates in a fair and collaborative way.

Therefore, all intellectual property rights (IPR) in the solution submitted as part of the contest shall remain the ownership of the team submitting such solution.

However, by entering the IT Challenge, the team members each individually, for whole or their part, grant a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide license to Atos and its affiliates for the use of the solution and all associated IPR for internal research and marketing purposes (including the right to sub-license).

In addition, the participants each individually, for whole or their part, grant an option to Atos to transform their non-exclusive license into an exclusive license on all IPR vested in their solution for the purpose of commercial exploitation.

Upon their own discretion, Atos shall be entitled to exercise such option during a term of one (1) year from the Award Ceremony by sending a registered letter to team members who have jointly created the solution in the context of the IT Challenge.

Upon Atos sending such registered letter, the team members shall enter into good faith negotiations with Atos as the case may be, to agree on the terms and conditions of this exclusive license.

For the avoidance of doubt, none of the above shall affect, prejudice or otherwise interfere with Atos’ ability to develop and commercialize, concurrently with the occurrence in time of the IT Challenge or in the future, any solution which may be similar in nature but for which Atos or is able to demonstrate that such solution has been developed independently from IT Challenge submissions.

By entering into the contest the participants represent and warrant that the solution and all documents, presentations, drawings and other materials relating thereto (the “Materials”) shall be exclusively self-generated and will-to the best of their knowledge-not incorporate any third party IPR. The participants agree to take full and sole responsibility for the contents of such Materials and to warrant, on a good faith basis, the absence of any third party intellectual property rights infringement.

The participants agree to grant to Atos and their respective affiliates, a world-wide, perpetual, irrevocable, sub-licensable, non-exclusive and royalty free license to use, copy, adapt, modify, reproduce and publicly display and communicate in any way and format and through any media and support, the Materials submitted, for marketing and promotional purposes in connection with the IT Challenge and as required for the organization or performance of the IT Challenge.


Data protection

In order to be able to develop the different phases of the contest and keep in touch with the participants, we may need to handle certain personal information provided by the participants. Atos and Partner undertake that any personal information received from the participants will be used for the exclusive purposes of conducting the contest and communicating with the participants and will not be otherwise used or disclosed to third parties.

Any personal information provided by the participants to Atos during the development of the contest will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection French Laws. If you have any questions regarding the way we handle your personal data or you want to have access, modify or cancel this information, please contact the IT Challenge administrator.


Image Rights

The participants agree to grant Atos and their affiliates, a world-wide, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferrable and sub-licensable royalty free right to quote their names and use, publish, communicate and distribute in any media and format images taken during the celebration of the different phases of the contest (including but not limited to the pre-selection, development, presentation and Awards Ceremony) for marketing activities in connection with the promotion of the IT Challenge.



Atos reserves the right to revise, complete and/or amend at any time the Rules, on reasonable basis and as required on its opinion to ensure the successful development of the IT Challenge, in which case Atos will notify the participants in due course. All teams should specify a contact detail for notifications, and such notification shall be sent to this contact person.

Atos reserves the right to suspend, postpone or cancel the IT Challenge at any time and/or modify or vary at any time any of the dates mentioned for the development of the contest, in which case the participants shall be informed in due course.

Atos reserves the right not to select any winner should the minimum eligibility criteria not be fulfilled by any of the entries, as may be decided by the Jury.

Atos shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of Materials or other type of information or data submitted nor for any technical failures or errors, including but not limited to failure to properly process submission of entries and Materials , nor loss or damage caused by computer viruses or otherwise resulting to any computer from participants access to or interaction with the contest site, nor caused by any malfunction, errors, delays, or non-availability or otherwise caused by or in relation to the contest website.

It is the responsibility of each participant to take all necessary measures to protect his/her Material from any infringement, loss or damage, including data and\or software stored in their IT and phone equipment’s. The connection of every participant to the contest website and the participation in contest is made at participant’s sole risk.

The decision of the Jury regarding the selection of winners and Atos´ decisions regarding the running of the contest will be final.

By participating to the contest the participants acknowledge and agree, without reservation, that in relation to any dispute or controversy which could arise in relation to the contest, the present rules or other matters which otherwise may be directly or indirectly connected to this contest, they will be subject to the French laws, without prejudice to existing rules of conflicts of laws.

Any dispute which cannot be amicably settled between us will be submitted to the competent courts of Paris, included but not limited in case of plurality of defendants, incidental demand or appeal in guarantee.

Should a participating team join forces with Atos taking forward their project application following the competition end, Atos reserves the rights to the application. If the teams move forward on the application without Atos, the rights remain theirs.

For any further information, please contact the IT Challenge team: