2018 Atos IT Challenge: Chatbots & AI

Artificial Intelligence is a game changing technology, already being applied in many areas including Call Centres, Video & Serious Gaming, Medical Diagnosis, Fraud Detection, Driverless Vehicles and Security Surveillance. For all its benefits, some are also saying it could be a huge threat – with calls for regulation to protect humanity against AI running out of control. We believe it is an important area for the Atos IT Challenge to explore.

For a more accessible and demonstrable topic, we are combining it with that of intelligent conversational interfaces (or bots) – a capability that has emerged through solutions such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Facebook’s M, providing humans with more convenient ways to interact with AI systems.

The 3 finalists

Flag of United States

BTM Solutions

Columbia University

With a solution called 'BTM', “Behind The Meter”, two French and Indian students from Columbia University have developed a service presenting how AI and chatbots can be used in automated demand response applications for connected objects, reducing costs and environmental footprint.

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Voronezh State University

‘Masterpiece’, a chatbot created by four Russian students, can hold conversations about art - help find new exhibitions in a city, enable payment via an application and provide all the information needed about a piece of art thanks to photo recognition.

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Electra for the Utilities

The University of Texas at Dallas

Two students from the University of Texas developed a cloud-based chatbot for the utilities industry to reduce customer service operation costs and provide a more personalized customer experience.


Special prize

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Special prize

ALZ-E Companion

Institut National des Sciences Apliquees

The three students developed a personalized companion, ALZ-E, that keeps Alzheimer sufferers active and engaged. The chatbot enables Alzheimer sufferers to use a vast array of technologies, including video chats, memory games and calendar reminders.