The Challenge for the 2017 edition focuses on blockchain.

In particular, we are looking for participants to come up with an innovative concept for an application based on blockchain technologies that shows how the principle of secure, public ledgers can be used to disrupt conventional business models.

Think broad, your concept can address business applications as diverse as health, education, government services, Property, Digital Rights, the Internet of Things, etc. You should base your application developments on existing blockchain platforms (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Multichain, etc.).

The 3 finalists

Flag of United Kingdom


Lancaster University in the UK

The team developed a visual tool for creating simpler, smarter, peer-to-peer contracts that anyone can deploy - without touching a single line of code, or needing a lawyer for the fine print.

Flag of United Kingdom


Loughborough University in the UK

The team developed an app to secure, transparent digital voting system based on blockchain technologies. The platform is aimed at businesses, unions, and governments, offering a more cost effective alternative to physical, postal voting systems, or unverifiable digital 'black box' systems.

Flag of France



The team develpped an app to guarantee the authenticity of tickets sold at events, by checking with blockchain technology that the seller is the real owner of a ticket and that the ticket is not fake.


Special prize

Flag of United States

Special prize


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The team provided a ‘vaccine for IoT’: a lightweight software installed on IoT devices (such as web cameras, smart meters, temperature sensors, smart watches, cars) and that prevents botnet attacks by creating a mesh network between these devices.