About the competition

An international competition

For students from all around the world in Austria, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, UK, UAE, US

Atos Group support and input

To help the students in developing their ideas, the Scientific Community, Group Campus Management and Atos employees who have previously studied at the same university as student teams working together

An innovative & challenging contest

Challenging not only students’ innovation qualities but also development and business, offering a unique learning experience by tackling real life issues we face at Atos

An amazing reward program

1st : 10,000€
2nd : 5,000 €
3rd : 3,000 €
+ Invitation to the Awards Ceremony
+ Work experience and opportunities within the Atos Group


Jury Panels

The First Jury takes place in December selecting around 15 teams who are then shortlisted for the development phase. Following this, there is a pre-jury selection phase which will down-select the teams to around 5-8 teams who will then attend the Final Jury which decides on the 3 winning teams.

First Jury

This First Jury takes place after the submission of ideas period ends and is made up of members of the Atos Scientific Community. The Atos Scientific Community is comprised of the best 100+ Business Technologists from within the organization. They are “creator of change”, making sure that whenever Atos client choose to work with the company, they always get the best solution available by taking a proactive approach to identify and anticipate game changing technologies.

Pre-Jury Selection Phase

This Jury is made up of a select few members of the Atos Scientific community who possess specific knowledge of the contest theme, as well as experts in the theme’s field in order to effectively assess the business value and true alignment to the theme.

Final Jury

This Jury is made of Atos Top Executives and Experts on the year’s theme. They select the winning and finalist teams that will be invited to attend the Awards Ceremony. They expect to be blown away by the teams’ presentations!


Each of the shortlisted teams will receive a coach assigned to support them during the Development Phase of the IT Challenge. The coaches belong to Atos Scientific Community and provide help with technical and business insights, as well as advice to improve their all-important presentation skills necessary for business in the technology world.

The Scientific Community has 100+ members from all geographies where Atos operates representing a rich mix of skills and backgrounds. They will be assigned to you on the basis of location, interest on your project idea and knowledge aligned to your idea. They are all there to support and guide you so please take advantage of their expertise!



The IT Challenge organizing committee will offer to all the members of the ~15 shortlisted teams the possibility of applying for an IT Challenge-fast track internship or graduate opportunity to work within Atos on subject areas relating to their studies. Opportunities may vary based on which study years students are currently in and what positions are available at Atos in the specific geography required.

The Final Jury selects one winning team and two finalist teams; the winning team will receive €10,000 to help them bring their app to the market and the two finalists will receive €5,000 and €3,000, respectively. What an amazing opportunity to kick start your career!

Note: The organizing committee reserves the right not to select any winner should the final solution presented fail to meet basic admissibility criteria as per the Jury’s reasonable judgment. The organizing committee reserves the right to modify or substitute any of the above prizes (for other prizes of equivalent value).