The Challenge:

Atos IT Challenge 2021 was to develop digital solutions that will support multiple areas of decarbonization and decarbonization initiatives, helping companies and society as a whole to tackle climate change.

The Challenge was to develop a functioning application, mobile app, service or simulation to support industry, commerce or individuals in the drive for decarbonization.

We were looking for interesting applications that could have immediate and impactful real-world applicability.

Our three finalists brought us some really innovative solutions to decarbonization.

The 3 finalists

Flag of Romania


Polytechnic University of Bucharest

Tire2Tire is a hardware device that helps truck drivers to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used improperly and minimize the carbon emissions of their vehicles. By using a machine learning algorithm, Tire2Tire catalogs the viability of truck tires and sends the data to truck fleet managers, responsible for their maintenance.

1st prize and competition winner
Flag of Germany

Green List

Fh Südwestfahlen

GreenList is a mobile application-based smart shopping list that simplifies grocery shopping and contributes to CO2 emission reduction in the food industry. The application empowers consumers to choose the most sustainable products for their money. As a result, the demand for climate-friendly products increases, which in turn decreases CO2 emissions.

2nd prize
Flag of France


Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

green’it is a mobile application that connects users to a network of enterprises which are verified to be committed to sustainable consumption, as well as to a range of green associations that are looking for help in environment protection activities.

3rd prize

Special prize

Flag of United States

Special Prize


German University in Cairo, Egypt

BeatTheReceipt uses the latest technologies to find an alternative process to printing receipts. It digitalizes the process of printing receipts by generating QR codes that redirect the customer to his receipt when scanning the QR code.