Should we love, hate or rage against the machines?

May 4, 2017

Do you feel that you’re running the gamut of human emotions as you seek to understand, appreciate and do more with the abundance of technology now at your fingertips? The plethora of emotional responses such as concern, fear, anger or even joy now seems to be intrinsically linked to how we feel, or are willing to embrace the opportunities that technology brings.

As humans we generally associate change with fear. We have a long history of this in relation to technology. This sense of fear has strongly materialised in how we have depicted the vision of the future through the prism of science fiction. Since the inception of SCI-FI on the silver screen we’ve nursed an in-built dread of robots becoming smarter than us and / or taking over the world. This fear has manifested itself in the shape of ‘Skynet’ (The Terminator), HAL (2001: A Space Odyssey), The Borg Collective (Star Trek), The Fighting Machine (War of the Worlds) and even the iconic Agent Smith Program in The Matrix trilogy when the role of human beings gets diminished to mere batteries and the programs are in total control!

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