The Challenge for the 2017 edition focuses on blockchain.

In particular, we are looking for participants to come up with an innovative concept for an application based on blockchain technologies that shows how the principle of secure, public ledgers can be used to disrupt conventional business models.

Think broad, your concept can address business applications as diverse as health, education, government services, Property, Digital Rights, the Internet of Things, etc. You should base your application developments on existing blockchain platforms (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Multichain, etc.).

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Blockchain is a set of IT technologies combined together to provide a distributed referential or ledger of transactions, (payment, assets, contracts, etc.), accountable, in chronological order, protected from the breakdowns, the modifications or the falsification and forging.


Blockchain is managed by an Internet protocol as mail or the web, based on IT technologies (cryptographic signature, conditional script or code, etc.) to complete and/or verify the transactions and the blocks.

Validated by consensus (Proof of Work/Sharing resulting of the theory of game, etc.) without central trusted authority, the Blockchain ensures to simplify, automate, to digitalize, to make reliable, to optimize and to add more transparency to complex processes, including the workflows with multiple actors, local and proprietary protocols, etc.


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