The team “VR Speech Trainer” wins the Atos IT Challenge 2023
“The Metaverse – New experiences for business ecosystems”

We are delighted to announce that the 1st prize of this year’s Atos IT Challenge was won by the team “VR Speech Trainer”, from the Francisco de Vitoria University in Spain, represented by Carlos Abia, Jorge Juan Puertas and Gonzalo Izuzquiza.

The team successfully developed an application that provides opportunities for individuals to confidently express themselves in front of an audience. By means of virtual training on a stage in an auditorium from within the metaverse and using a VR headset in order to perfect any presentations or to practice in what feels like real life conditions.

The hard work and dedication from the team saw them win first place and receive a 10,000euro prize!

Congratulations to the 3 winning teams for making it so far into the competition and to all the teams who have participated in the edition. It is an honor to highlight such talented minds every year!🌟

Discover the 3 Finalists

Flag of Spain

VR Speech Trainer

Francisco de Vitoria University

In a fully connected world based on the Internet, the ability to speak to a huge audience is an uncommon skill. Most of the time, we choose not to do what make us unconfortable, we choose our confort zone over developing our skills. This is where VR Speech Trainer comes into play. We want to…

Flag of Cote d'Ivoire


Institut ivoirien de technologie de Grand Bassam

En Afrique, nous sommes confrontés à un problème très difficile à résoudre concernant l’éducation. En effet dans le système éducatif, la pratique est toute aussi importante que la théorie. Cependant nous constatons dans nos universités un grand manque de laboratoires et de matériel approprié pour la pratique en particulier dans zones reculées car souvent trop…

2nd prize
Flag of France


Orléans University

Our idea is based on the establishment of a more inclusive communication system in the metaverse. This system would allow deafs to communicate with other users via gloves that would translate sign language into a sequence of words understandable by everyone in the metaverse universe. One can also imagine replicating this in the other direction…

3rd prize

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