IT Challenge 2023

The Challenge is split into 7 main phases.

Time left to develop your idea


To come up with an innovative concept for an application based on challenge theme


Dec 1, 2022 - Dec 15, 2022

First Jury made of the Atos Scientific Community members select ~15 best concepts


7 days


Dec 16, 2022 - Apr 2, 2023

15 Shortlisted teams work on their app development with the help of an Atos SC coach and Alumni coach


Apr 3, 2023 - May 10, 2023

App testing in Atos Competence Center


May 11, 2023 - May 21, 2023

The 15 teams pitch their ideas in front of IT challenge team and selected SC members, down selecting 5-8 teams to present to the final jury who will select the 3 finalist teams


May 22, 2023 - Jun 21, 2023

The shortlisted teams pitched their ideas in front of a Final Jury who will select the 3 finalist teams


Jun 22, 2023

The 3 finalists are invited to the Awards Ceremony

The Metaverse – New experience for business ecosystems

There is great interest in the technology industry regarding the “The Metaverse”, but what is the Metaverse, and what does this mean in a business context?

Can we build applications and systems that deliver business and commercial value with, or within, the Metaverse?

The aim of this year’s Atos IT Challenge is to produce an application that demonstrates a practical Metaverse use case that will deliver business value.

Metaverse in business – Exploring new modes of working


New modes of operating

With the generalization of hybrid virtual and physical processes

New modes of relating

Between humans and robotic entities, through augmented reality and eventually brain-computer interfaces

New modes of value and business

Leveraging a new generation of business ecosystems which leverage data marketplaces

New modes of being

Helped by AI, with new virtual expressions of our human existence



Technology – Areas of investigation

Possible area of investigation:

  • Digital Twins and digital worlds (Operating)
  • Computer interfaces (Relating)
  • Data ecosystems and economies (Value)
  • AI (Being)

Technologies of interest:

  • VR/AR/MR platforms – Oculus Rift and Quest, Microsoft Hololens, Valve Index, HTC Vive and others
  • Universal Scene Description (USD) specification for 3D computer graphics interchange
  • Blender, Apple’s Scenekit, Autodesk 3ds Max
  • SteamVR, OpenXR
  • Blockchain and NFTs

Possible applications –  ideas to get you started

  • Use of Virtual reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality systems to provide new business working environments
  • Interaction with, or complimentary functionality, for collaboration technologies such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom
  • A Metaverse match-maker; facilitating one-to-one introductions of business colleagues
  • New education and training experiences
  • Visualization and modelling of real-world systems
  • Market-specific applications in, for instance, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Transport, Retail…
  • A simulated virtual economy for the Metaverse
  • A business-oriented version of Sandbox
  • Additions to existing Metaverse environments for business applications

Note: The use of Virtual Reality and other similar platforms is welcome, but this is not a requirement to enter the Atos IT Challenge – other project concepts within the Metaverse theme have equal merit.


We look forward to receiving your submission ideas and seeing you bring them to life!

The 17 shortlisted teams

Flag of Morocco



AR CLOTHING : future of shopping online

Flag of Romania


Babeș-Bolyai University

Our idea is based on making an application that grades a house/apartment based on the thermic comfort of the home. One will be able to configure all the rooms in the house with the tools given to them by us and the application will assess how well the room is configured from a thermic point…

Flag of France



The ESIEAVERSE is a metaverse student project that will be used to create a virtual life around our school ESIEA. The main problem that pushed us to make this project is to face the problem of distance for the future students of the school or for people with concerns, such as disabilities, we want to…

Flag of Netherlands



Choosing a study and school is a big moment in everyone’s life. And the chance you pick it right the first time is low. Not only is it hard to pick a study, but choosing the city and school is difficult. This is where the metaverse can be a solution. With our idea you can…

Flag of Malaysia


INTI International University

M-Office is an application that presents 3D office space for users by following the rental or direct purchase basis based on the volume of the company, allowing users to perform daily tasks virtually with the Metaverse concept. It eliminates the need of having a physical office on land as well as achieving the sustainable development…

Flag of United Kingdom

M.V.P : Meta Virtual Parlour

Aston University

A virtual fashion store, hosted in any metaverse platform, where are you walk around the store and virtually try out the products of different brands, styles, etc from all over the world at one place. You will be trying out your selected outfit or accessories with the help of Augmented Reality technology that will render…

Flag of Bulgaria

Meta Path

university of library studies and information technologies

Plan and simulate diffrent travel paths in the metaverse. Join a community of fellow travellers and experience the new way of travelling in the metaverse.

Flag of Cote d'Ivoire


Institut ivoirien de technologie de Grand Bassam

Le META-LEARNING est un univers virtuel dédier au secteur de l’éducation et composé de deux applications dont Etablissement et Auto-école, dans lesquels les utilisateurs pourront apprendre. En effet les deux applications offrent la possibilité aux utilisateurs de suivre les cours dans une salle de classe virtuelle et aussi de passer leur examen de conduite et…

Flag of Malaysia

Metaverse Virtual Shopping Platforms

Asia Pacific University

Making E-commerce and shopping applications Metaverse compatible has immense potential for business opportunities in the Metaverse world.

Flag of United Kingdom

ROSIE - Robotic Operation in Simulated Immersive Environments

Loughborough University

Our idea is to develop a novel system for robot teleoperation which will enable a new mode of collaboration between humans and robots, creating an immersive and efficient environment inspired by the Metaverse. We want the user to be able to put a VR headset on and be in a simulated environment that matches the…

Flag of France


Orléans University

Our idea is based on the establishment of a more inclusive communication system in the metaverse. This system would allow deafs to communicate with other users via gloves that would translate sign language into a sequence of words understandable by everyone in the metaverse universe. One can also imagine replicating this in the other direction…

Flag of United Kingdom

Supply Chain Management Using Blockchain and VR Visualisation

Loughborough University

Looking at the recent evolution of blockchain and metaverse as well as the gaps that have arisen due to coronavirus. There seems to be a clear gap in supply management applications. This has been seen in the delays in product components needed in supply chains as well as the rise of companies trying to understand…

Flag of Malaysia


Universiti Tun Hussein Onn

The system will provide the users with virtual induction program that can be accessed thru/via metaverse and be presented by a certified instructor with a certified instructor.

Flag of Cote d'Ivoire


Institut ivoirien de technologie de Grand Bassam

En Afrique, nous sommes confrontés à un problème très difficile à résoudre concernant l’éducation. En effet dans le système éducatif, la pratique est toute aussi importante que la théorie. Cependant nous constatons dans nos universités un grand manque de laboratoires et de matériel approprié pour la pratique en particulier dans zones reculées car souvent trop…

Flag of Bulgaria

Virtual Reintegration

Technical University of Sofia

Our idea is to speed up the process of reintegration of inmates by putting them in a virtual enviroment which simulates real-life situations, through observement of their behavior.

Flag of United Kingdom


Loughborough University

Virtualify is an education tool that focuses on mathematical mechanics and aims to improve the chances of gaining high grades in specific subjects. This will be done by creating a set of interactive tools for pre-university (16-18 y/o) and foundation university students as well as teachers, having the main focus on the UK education market,…

Flag of Spain

VR Speech Trainer

Francisco de Vitoria University

In a fully connected world based on the Internet, the ability to speak to a huge audience is an uncommon skill. Most of the time, we choose not to do what make us unconfortable, we choose our confort zone over developing our skills. This is where VR Speech Trainer comes into play. We want to…

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