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Enhance people’s lives through connected living

For the 2015 edition we’d like you to focus on ways to enhance people’s lives and provide value added services through connected living, think of connected kitchen, connected home, connected health, connected train, etc.

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An amazing reward!

Visit the City of Barcelona incl. a visit to Atos Mobile Competence Center and meet our Experts to investigate if and how we can support to develop your app.

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Partners of Atos and the IT Challenge

The 2015 edition of the IT Challenge will be supported by EEBus, European Commission and BFM Business. This offers participants of the IT Challenge the opportunity to work on ideas that have a big chance to become real.

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Connected devices are now a reality for individuals and in the industrial world. Energy meters, connected vehicles, vending machines, washing machines... the opportunities are endless when you think of all data available and shareable between connected devices / machines.

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