National Central University | Taiwan

Chia-Chun Wu | Li-Jin Huang | Pei-Zhen Guo

We will create a website with a lot of information of restaurants and let the user can use the message to order food or make the reservation. For the owners of the restaurants, they can upload their menus, manage their booking or reservation from customer or browse the rating of their restaurant from customer. Users can chat with the chat bot and the bot will know the intention of user, such as making a reservation, obtaining information, getting the recommended information or booking a takeaway meal. Users can through the website to find their favorite restaurants or browse the menus or rate the restaurants. We will add the recommendation system to the website. Users can mark a restaurant or meal according to their preference, and we will recommend restaurants or meals that the user may be interested from those labeled information. YummyBot is the platform that can give the user easy to get the information ,order the meal and make the reservation.Also if we need more detail we can have the message with the restaurant directly.