Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation | Malaysia

Ching Yee Jenny Low | Chii Haw Tang | Clement Thye Mun Yew

Xpress are here to solve the increase in mental problem of the current generations and millennium nowadays, The extreme protection given by the parents have form a serious problem in the millenniums. This generation are not ready to accept any failure in their life. The parents are always there to have their child protected with all the successes. In our life, we will face failure no matter what had been done. When failure comes to this generation, they are still not ready and are still waiting for their parents to wipe off for them. These causes the increase in suicide rate and mental health problem. According to research, the increase of suicide rate in millenniums are increasing annually. Besides, mental health unstable are rank in top 10 of millenniums problems nowadays. This problem should be solve immediately to save our next generation! And now,... Xpress are here to help and rescue the millenniums.