X-CaDi Solutions

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences,Mbour,Senegal | Senegal


We are developing X-CaDi Solutions to significantly help various cancer and diabetes patients to conveniently book their sessions of treatment in any government hospital close to their locations. With the rapid increase in lifestyle related diseases, change of technology and scarcity of medical equipment that specifically manage treatments for Cancer and Diabetes, our Platform offers tremendous advantages to the clients to instantly plan,inquire and also book a session for treatment at any government facility depending on its availability. In Kenya, while other means of communication are available for making such arrangements for treatment, X-CaDi Solutions is the only platform that offers this type of service in Kenya. It is logically true that most of our clients in Kenya are not able to access and utilize the existing platforms due to the high costs as well as unreliability. As a result, X-CaDi Solutions is here to fill the gap by providing a reliable and excellent instant services at a low cost and besides that an extra advantage of connecting our clients to a network of Healthcare solutions beyond Cancer and diabetes such as info on living a healthy lifestyle. Since our all our services are purely online, our clients are able to login the website and access the booking information with ease. With also the development of a mobile application, this will help most of our clients to access the booking services using their smartphones conveniently. The application will be easy to use as well as the website which will give good and necessary accessibility required during the whole booking process.