Columbia University | United States

Rachel Wu | Megan Wu

Woohoobot is the next generation digital sales weapon. We believe website navigation is one of the most overlooked part of converting visitors to customers. We're not just talking about UX design that helps the user know where to click. We're talking about instant information accessibility and customer satisfaction. Imagine going to, say, a bank's website--one you've never been to before--to get rates on college loans. You want the right information fast, without having to click through a million links to get to a tiny FAQ page with a vague response, or have to do another Google search just to get the same page. Better yet, you want to get all the information you need in the next 30 seconds without having to pick up the phone, be put on hold, and finally ask your questions to a sales agent. This is where Woohoobot comes in. Woohoobot solves the problem of difficult-to-navigate websites and limited human resources. It turns a website into a real-time interactive sales agent that can respond to complicated questions (spoken or typed), navigate users to the correct pages based on their questions, and make the browsing experience easier and far more accessible by providing multiple communication channels for the user. Customized by each company, Woohoobot becomes a lightning quick, accurate sales agent--without the long waiting queue.