Wardrobe Advisor

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University | India

Rishabh Saxena | Ayushi Omray | Sarthak Dhasmana | Saurabh Kaushik

People nowadays want to have a quick shopping experience while shopping from a physical store. It's impossible for the shopkeeper to open and showcase the whole collection to a customer so that they can have wider choices. As a result, the customer has to make choice from limited stuff or have to roam around a lot of shops. With the rising technology, it’s time to revolutionize retailing of clothes i.e. Purchase of clothing items. First, we need to analyze all the problems that we encounter while shopping: • Crowded shops • Interacting with Sellers • Waiting for Trial rooms • looking for the perfect fit • Bargaining for the right price Our Idea offers techniques to solve all the problems mentioned above. Wardrobe Advisor uses a camera to capture the image of the person (customer) in real time after that analysis of the picture is done using the machine learning algorithm. After matching the shop's data with the results of the analysis suitable suggestions regarding clothes which would be fit to the customer are made according to all the options available. The details of suggested clothes are displayed on the screen of the user's mobile. The suggestions made to the customer are based on the analysis of the image of the customer. So it automates the whole shopping experience of the customer.