The University of Texas at Dallas | United States

Avisha Raju Manik | Namrata Rathore | Yatin Muniswamy Prakash | Vivaswath Rao

“As with any journey who you travel with can be more important than your destination”. Meet Wanderlust, a chatbot who is the perfect travel companion. Wanderlust is an application that will act as a supplement for a travel companion by being as human as it could be. An interesting company and ease in taking decisions while travel is what Wanderlust provides. We will use machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to implement the system. The chatbot will have the following personalities: documenter, navigator, budgeter, list, humanitarian, hipster, and companion. These are described in detail in the following sections. The local businesses and transport industry will benefit the most. Google, Facebook and Instagram shall act as the key partners. We plan to use the cloud support provided by Atos to accomplish the implementation of our idea. Thus, by participating in this competition we hope to build an app that will make the travel experience a lot fun.