Universite du Quebec A Rimouski | Canada

Babacar THIAM | Moussa DIOP

By the time people reach their 60s, the majority live on their own or in retirement homes. I, here, want to narrate the the very sad story of an old man. He, one day, brought his cellphone to the store so to get it fixed as he thought it had some troubleshoots. Once arrived, and after thorough analysis of his phone, the agent told him that there was no problem with his phone cellular and that he did panick for nothing. The poor old man fell down then cried a while, he shed many tears that the agent asked him why he was feeling so bad. He replied, ''Since four month, I have received no call from any of my child, then I thought my phone went wrong. Now I realize that this is false, it is my children who ignore me.'' now I just let you imagine this situation... Let us think of millions of old adults who feel the same pain. Social isolation and loneliness are health risks which are not the same health issues; they may therefore also require solutions. Whatever the case is, we should take action and be fermly engaged in dessiminating social reintegration amid elderly adult. Before this unlucky situation reaches the boiling point, we had judged it necessary, with the chatbots and the artificial intelligence, to help them overcome their loneliness by putting them a chat platform with a bot that will be used as normal chat. subject: assistance of elderly people in the rural areas at a distance via chatbots and IA.