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Wainwright Rubia | Sweetselle Cardama | Francoyze Quezada | Raisa Nasara

The government is currently doing efforts on expanding medical coverage nationwide and despite their determination to provide, there are still lapses such as biases on the distribution of medical resources. The ones greatly affected by this issue are the ones living in rural areas. Its scarcity in medical personnel and facilities is one of the factors currently supporting this issue. The objective of VitalPlus is to provide a means to ease communication in terms of consultation between the patient and the doctor by recording the patient’s vital signs such body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate and blood pressure. VitalPlus comes with an AI chatbot to respond to possible inquiries by the patient should the doctor currently be unavailable. If implemented, this will be able to predict possible health implications on the patient based on his/her vital signs’ history. The project would ease the queueing process in health care facilities.