VISION- Vigilant Image Sensing Intelligent drONe

BMS Institute of Technology & Management | India

Dhawal Negi | Drishti Ramesh Megalmani | Piyali Pal | Md Asad Ansari

VISION is an intelligent drone that steps up the survelliance techniques by collecting and analyzing a real time video stream with the power of computer vision and AI recognition capabilities. It enables surreptitious gathering of information about a target by capturing data from a distance or altitude.It is combined with computer vision, face recognition, object recognition and other tracking technologies. The Camera module of the drone can follow a person around while recording 4k video. Their naturalization into the environment -- sometimes referred to as ubiquitous robotics -- is enabled by the amalgamation of neural networks, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). It is an advanced AI-powered drone that can adapt to the environment and perform many autonomous tasks like following a subject and streaming a live video while it hovers over an area.