virtualized shopping!

anna university chennai | India

Surya Prakash | Sriram seshadri | Hari Sumathira

our idea is just awesome to be heard but little complex to implement and yeah we are ready to implement it with confidence. shopping through online has become a great trend and its handy. we are planning for the next level of shopping which is virtualized way of shopping where we can virtually be present in a shopping complex and purchase. we can roam virtually feel the product and we could see the dimensions of the product to make a decision. A chatbot for instance, lets take the pretty girl NATASHA(hike ) ,a salesgirl like Natasha will be present in order to direct us to the correct destination. such an interesting and excited level of shopping could be made possible with our idea. For the business firm companies this will surely make a great profit. We have the confidence in making this project a great success and make a revolution in the filed of online shopping.