urban management and early flood detection system.

Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women | India

deepika vallabhaneni | moulika uppalapati

Floods occur most commonly when water from heavy rainfall, from melting ice and snow in the country that having cold weather, or from a combination of these exceeds the carrying capacity of the river system, lake, or ocean into which it runs. Due to the effect, many study been conducted as to get ready with a system to alarm people from this disaster. The objective of this project is to monitor the flood situation & send alert in case of danger in the form of sound with the help of buzzer. Floods lead to a vast loss of life and property in many countries. But in developing countries the lack of proper technology leads to more loss of life and property due to flood. This is due to lack of flood detection systems. By the indication of sound automatically the house can be lift by motors on detecting the watet level comparing to the given prescribed level. These reduces the damages and this project can be shown practically. Our project solves problem by implementing an early flood detection mechanism.