Travel Assistant

Indian Institute of Science | India

Himanshu Kumar | Sudarshan Nayak | Abhilash Jain | Manu Ghulyani

Travelling in unknown lands has always been as unpleasant experience for most people because of communication and unawareness about local culture and administrative setup. The idea of ‘Travel Assistant(TA)’ chat-bot is to put all the travel related information in the hand of a person who is planning to travel local, inter-city or international. It will help make travel decision easy and on the fly for local public as well as tourists. It will assist a user in every aspect of the travel. Aim of the TA is to consolidate all the information related to user’s query and answer adequately based on factors (money, time, comfort) decided by the user himself. The Travel assistant will give information relating food, conveyance and stay for the tourist making his travel experience smooth and hassle free. TA bot will make travel experience smooth and hassle free thereby, deleting hard cultural and language boundaries existing in the world.