Tracking human being and maintain their information by using Nano-sized chip and embedded with mobile application

vel tech Multitech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala Engineering college | India

Raghuraman R | A.Karthikumar

In world wide human missing case was over 66 millions per year. Our main priority is kids and senior citizens. Reducing the rate of human trafficking. To avoid further crime of the prisoners. Helps to retrieve the patients health information from anywhere, anytime(doctors). The medical data and medical history of the person can be used during medical emergency. Our idea is to track the location of missing one. And to maintain the biological information. This can be using nano-sized chip are implanted to the human body. Authenticated users can only access the chip’s information by using mobile application. By this we can implant the chip to children so that child trafficking case are easily solved. Updating the database about that person’s “DNA” information, personal data, medical data. They are embedded with mobile application so we can easily access and track the person. Prisoners comes in parole can be monitored. The product skeletal plan is to record the human activity. RFID(used to attain the port number of the chip) is connect with chip then to identify the chip. Then access with ISP(internet service provider) is this used to connect with internet the authenticate the information. By using advanced GPS we can locate the person area. These are all embedded with the mobile application so that are access by the authenticated user