To diminish the lead content flak on human which is incite by vehicles

Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women | India

Divya Shree Moka | Archana Palepu | Madhuri Lakshmi Jalluri | Harika Naga Venkata Durga Bhavani Nayudu

During the past century, much has been learned about the adverse effects of lead on children. At high levels of acute exposure, lead attacks the brain and central nervous system to cause coma, convulsions and even death. Children who survive acute lead poisoning are typically left with grossly obvious mental retardation and behavioral disruption. At lower levels of exposure that cause no obvious symptoms. Tubular and glomerular kidney effects in Swedish women with low environmental cadmium exposure.By using lead detector we can detect the lead content containing in vehicles separated from the dust particles. If it exceeds threshold level it will detect or else it won’t detect. Many people are aware of the lead in petrol and are concerned about what effect it may have on the health of their family. The National Health and Medical Research Council has set an Australian National Goal for all Australians to have a blood lead level below 10 µg/dL (micrograms per deciliter). For every 10µg/dL of lead in the blood, experts agree, that a child is at risk of losing between 2-3 IQ points. Once taken into the body, lead distributes throughout the body in the blood and is accumulated in the bones. Depending on the level of exposure, lead can adversely affect the nervous system, kidney function, immune system, reproductive and developmental systems and the cardiovascular system. Lead exposure also affects the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. The lead effects most commonly encountered in current populations are neurological effects in children and cardiovascular effects (e.g., high blood pressure and heart disease) in adults. Infants and young children are especially sensitive to even low levels of lead, which may contribute to behavioral problems, learning deficits and lowered IQ. The majority of larger lead particles (still extremely small) will fallout within 30 meters from a busy road. The smaller ones can travel kilometers or even end up circling the earth. This prototype substitute significant reductions of all pollutants from diesel engines, and will continue to reduce these pollutants in the future.