The 149.2 million Question

Gomal University DI Khan | Pakistan

Ishtiaq Hussain | Manan Hussain | Taimoor Hussain

Policymakers identify a desirable future for any nation but the general public cannot participate in making the policies and they are so far from legislative in the results policymakers are unable to reach a desirable future condition. The problem is the big gap between policymakers/legislatives and public, But this is the era of technology. Public can’t reach to the policymakers directly. In other hands, the legislators/policymakers can’t reach to opinions of the public in their Constituency. The general public is reasonably educated and informed, and can mobilize to demand and support desired initiatives. We are trying to overcome the big gap between the legislatures/policymakers and the general public in policy making through 'Open Policy Making'. Pakistan faces continuous political instability, in this situation we consider scaling up UN SDGs Goal 16. This is the era of technology and we make sure government policies through improve the inevitability of technology collaboration, the situation of Pakistan’s policies system and the extent of success of government policies including young people in Pakistan. So we currently on the problem Sustainable Development Goal 16 - peace, justice and strong institutions through a web/mobile based solution. Through this platform Public will be registered through National Identity Card Number and their Mobile number. Once they will register the data of them will be auto register in their desire constituency. The role of the public is to give opinion to their Member of National Assembly, and Senators through this web/mobile based platform. Like currently, the FATA bill is in Senate. Some people of FATA want to separate province, some want to merge FATA in KP, some wants the present situation and some wants to Union Councils. In this situation, every one of the FATA can give view to their parliamentarians through this platform. The role of policy-makers is to see the opinion of their constituency people directly. And they get give take decision according to the public. So to overcome the big between public and the legislatives is to present this platform.