Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women | India

Siri Jana | Routhu Devi Mounika | Makamdas Neeharika Singh | Perisetti Naga Sree Teja

The main problems faced by visually impaired people are they cannot read continuously for a long time, because it results in the straining of their eyes. Also, some of them cannot read the text which is at a larger distance and some cannot read which are very nearer to them. Due to their continuous reading, they may lose their eye sight. Braille code is another way of reading text done by the visually challenged people. But, reading a Braille script for longer duration results in swelling of fingers for the person reading the script. So, even this is not a solution for reading the text. This proposed project “Text Reader” is a device which converts text in the printed material to a synthesized speech in real time. The hardware components are Raspberry pi3 model B, 8mp camera module, 3.5mm ear phones. Software used are optical character recognition (OCR), text- to- speech (TTS). The picture of printed material which is obtained by the camera is given as an input to OCR.OCR extracts the text from the image and the output of OCR i.e. an editable text is given as an input to TTS, which gives a synthesized speech. The speech can be heard through an audio jack earphones and audible feedback is given.