Mae Fah Luang University | Thailand

Aysha Sohail | Panuwat Phakaew | Pongthat Chumpoo | Kunlacha Khanworawong

This project aims to develop a novel predictive mobile or m-health framework for patient monitoring and automated consultation handling. The primary targets are those living in hill tribe villages in the northern part of Thailand. Also, it can be scaled up for other patients in different parts of the country. This initiative is in line with the Internet User Profile 2016 that reveals the general behaviour of Thai users: exploring Internet for 45 hours per week, 85% of Internet access via mobile devices or smartphones, 87% access from home with a minimum of 21 mobile applications. Hence, an m-health solution can comfortably reach the target group, with respect to the current life style. At the present, almost all the existing attempts to m-health in Thailand concentrate on the wellness issue, the introduction of health monitoring and patient-clinician interaction as a new mobile application is therefore of great interest and potential. Not only it sets an example for cost-effective deployment, it can raise the level of patient engagement in self-monitoring and self-care. This becomes critically important, as Thailand is moving towards an aging society in the near future.