Hong Kong University of Science and Technology | Hong Kong

Hon Lam Leung | Man Ching Lam

Techer, the combination of "technology" and "teacher", is an app which makes use of Artificial Intelligence and chatbot to act as a virtual tutor for primary and secondary school students. Students can record or input their quires into the app. The app will then be able to generate answers. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and voice analytics will be used to analyze the inputted queries. The "knowledge" of the virtual tutor is trained up by machines learning. We will cooperate with publishers of teaching materials. They can provide us with learning materials, which can then be used for machine learning as training sets. Also, the app will be in the form of decentralized blockchain. The project can help to help students reaching a teacher at 24/7/365 with ease. We will begin the project in Hong Kong as there is a huge demand for private tutoring. The project will be expanded all over the world to enhance the learning experience of students globally.