ECE Paris | France

Valentin Gaury | Andréa de Muer | Marina Ceci | Simon Lazzari

Teach’Me is a ChatBot app designed to adapt the use of new electronic devices to children in order to nourish their curiosity and desire to learn. With Teach’Me, children can talk and dialog with an AI on different cultural subjects, like literature or science in a way that their curiosity is pushed, this process allows them to get a better understanding of the information that they could get with a simple search on the internet. The principle is very simple and is inspired by the special feature of Twitter. To any question given by the user, Theach’Me will respond with at most 450 characters. This leads to two main things : first, it reduces the complexity of an answer. Most of the time, when children seek information on the internet, it is not adapted to them, both on substance and format, here we can control how and what is presented to the children. The second feature is that with this number of characters, the answer can not be precise enough, so the user has to keep asking questions to the ChatBot, which feeds his curiosity and encourage dialog, the best way to learn for a child.