American University in Cairo | Egypt

Engy Hassan | Farah Seifeldin | Alaa Mohamed | Ahmed Sharaf eldin

Feeling overloaded and stuck in the lot of tasks you have? Tasky will definitely help you out! Tasky is a virtual assistant that offers tens of services that can help students, especially university students, organize their work and daily tasks. It is not simply a To-do-list application that helps the users keep track of their progress. In fact, Tasky is a smart AI that can help the user figure out the best way to do the work. Through simple questions that the user is prompted to answer, Tasky can understand the priorities of the user based on the due dates, difficulty of the tasks, estimated time needed, and the user’s interests. It can then suggest an organized schedule for the user in addition to some tips that can help based on the workload of the tasks. These tips and the suggested timetable are based on scientific studies and psychology experts’ tips. Tasky can also help you build a healthy, productive lifestyle through simple daily/weekly reminders. It can also suggest some activities that can help you relax between tasks, and many more simple services that are always being updated based on the users’ experiences and feedback. Tasky knows how to learn and improve over time as it knows more about the user and his/her interests. Not only that, but the machine learning system inside Tasky makes it able to learn and improve globally based on its experience with all the users.