Super 7 – Rescuing the World

Sri Vasavi Institute of Engineering and Technology | India

SriKanth Padmanabhuni | Manikanta Devanaboyina | Venkateswar Rao Tumu | Sai Tarun Yamala

Rescuing the World from the Villon by 7 Super Humans power. There are Seven Heroes in the world corresponds to seven Continents .They used to protect there whole continents from the dangerous threats . There is a Villon who used to make money and enjoy the luxuries. This Villon wants to defeat all super heroes and rule the world with all their super power with her. But this is not known to Super Heroes and more over this Villon is friendly to all those Super Heroes and the each and every movement is well-known to that Villon. Now, Here there is a threat from the Villon to the world who is not easy to defeat by the power of individual super human. Initially Each Continent is protected by Each Super Human. From the Dangerous threats by Followers of Villon. After protecting the all Continents they get to know that there powers not enough to defeat the super Villon. So they will make a Robot with Human intelligence and the Integrated power of 7 Super Humans. But the Villon get to know it and takes that Robot and take the Micro chip from the Robot and dismantle the parts from the Robot and place the parts of them in each Continent . But the Suspense is that the Secrete Power of the Robot is lies in the parts of the robot rather than the Micro Chip of the Robot. So Each Super Human goes to their Respective Continent and Struggle to get those parts and all together Meets at one place and it is Mumbai, India Similarly Villon to makes a Robot which is handled by the Villon. There is the Final war in between the Villon and the Robot made by the Super 7 Humans.