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Regional Council Developmental Planning and Monitoring App. A mobile application based project which enables a person to interact with an Augmented Reality Based AI System. The System will help a person monitor a Regional/ Municipal/ City/ Town Council for the purpose of the development planning and analysis in the region. This app will use voice enabled AI system that will help a person get information about the area and facilities available in the region and also the facilities that are lacking. It will give suggestions for new projects and establishments using the Machine Learning technique. It will also predict the upcoming threats in the social, ecological and economic domain using Geographical Information System and ML. The Augmented reality will help the user recognize the region while navigating using a GPRS navigation system integrated with AR. It can also be used for Infrastructure development in village, town and remote areas where there are less facilities available. Since we're using AR and AI (using regional language ), our app will be so user friendly that even an illiterate can use it.