Smart Waste

The University of York | United Kingdom

Sara Kjær | Jessen Shah

Smart Waste is an app, which helps small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the hospitality and food retail industries to reduce their waste by predicting customer behaviour and future wastage based on live data. The app will rely on a back-end of machine learning software, which uses data generated by the clients themselves, and by other similar businesses also using Smart Waste. The front-end will be an interactive interface, where the client can retrieve visual predictions of customer behaviour, smartly generated order lists, and tips on how to best make use of their wastage. This provides businesses with an opportunity to increase their sustainability and reduce their wastage, and gives them a handy tool to use their data to their own - and the environment’s - benefit. Our prototype app will focus on SMEs such as restaurants and cafés, which lets us work with relatively short time-scales, taking into consideration factors such as customer behaviour variations during the course of a week, and continuous food waste. We have a vision that the client-base for the app, once established, could be expanded to other SMEs, such as clothing manufacturers, kiosks, and small supermarkets.