Smart Retailing Using IOT

Mumbai University | India

Santosh Kalange | Dipti kadam | Asmita Mokal | Avinash Patil

Internet of Things aims at integrating networked information systems to real world entities. It connects objects such as Smart Phones, Sensors with cloud where the data is store. Now a Days inventory Management becoming more complex .The biggest problem faced by store owner is increased sales & reduced operational costs. With the help of this system owner can maintain inventory information also place the order of inventory. Customer can easily see the product information like expiry date, price, nutrients, etc. They can also see whether the product is available in the store or not. Customer can also share sales list to other as well as they get notification of offers. The main aimed of project is using IOT technology solve the real life problem face by retailer and customer using the android App. In proposed system retailers knows that quantity of products remains in market .Basis of that If product are less in quantity we send warning Message to retailers desk for refill the products or order the new one from vendor. By customers side there is app which will help to detect the product is available or not and if available then it show the actual price, nutrition, expiry date etc. related to that product which save the time of customer. In Proposed system if the product are less in quantity then system give warning message to server or administrator and server receive the warning message and take action as per requirement. If Product are less then administrator refill it else give order for new product. It also give the map of the system which will help the customer to search the product and purchase it. For customer also it give option like list, discount, which help the customer to make list of product which want purchase by them also customer create their own list. Administrator can have rights to add or remove product from supermarket. Which will update instantly in mobile application.