Smart Hotel Booking Assistant


youssef belyazid | mohamed belahcen | rida ibn brahim

A chatbot is an automated messaging service, consisting in a computer program, aimed to generate a conversation with human users. They interact with the service through popular messaging applications like Facebook Messenger or WeChat. He's name is Kwini and his job is to help you to book your hotel room. This virtual assistant can answer all your specific questions about your stay in a particular hotel.. Indeed, as an instant messaging app, chatbots can represent a new reservation channel, which will allow clients to easily find and book their stay via a chat interface. All what you have to do is text him , and he will handle everything. Kwini will offer you a a personalized service based on your needs, instead of a generic service . .So, if you are tired of spending hours in hotel website , or waiting the hotel reception to hang up the phone, Kwini the perfect solution for you.