Smart Health Project

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University | India

Shubham Chauhan | Vineet Kumar | Manish Arya

Many Patient in India die due to lack of proper records/medical History. whenever a patient do not get relief from one doctor they change medical expert but patient is unable to produce exact problem or medical decision taken by previous doctor. Our system not only records reports but also drugs, their frequency and regular checkup. it also detects for any break in course.. The records can be used for decision support .As if one report is observed by multiple experts there consultancy is recorded and the majority can be used to decide for prediction if some new case comes. so with in years it is possible to create a intelligent system which can make naive practitioner to take decisions.. This a new approach in the area of health bioinformatics by combining the most prevalent internet technologies, Artificial Intelligence algorithms and their combined effect applied to medical practitioners as there is no such solution available for most populous country such as India. The main objective of this proposal is to develop a hierarchical decision support system based upon the present and medical history of patient in emergency or chronic diseases where it becomes difficult to keep records by patient or where several doctors need to be concerned. Even though many researchers were worked on IOT and SCADA , very few researchers were reported its use in Medical Science.