Smart Energy Optimizer

UTFPR - Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná | Brazil

Hudson Pereira | Gabriel Meyer | |

Energy is a vital input for social and economic development. Considering the number of inhabitants in the cities and the industrial activity that keeps growing, sustainability becomes an important issue because the biggest concern is how the world will be in the future. Demand for energy has increased notably, especially in emerging countries, this means a considerable increase in the level of greenhouse gas emissions. While sustainability is an important fact for the future of our society, for today's industries and businesses, it is also an important subject for commercial and social success. For companies, sustainability means not only "eco-efficiency" but also "eco-efficiency". The great challenge of the companies is not only the economic business, but also how to stay sustainable in the midst of so many electronic equipment connected to the network, starting from this need we propose a system for control and automation using Artificial Intelligence methods to help reduce financial costs with electricity and collaborating with the sustainable future