Shopping Assistant -Tia

Mumbai University | India

Jaya Mishra | shivam sharma

The team Xperts presents the idea of “Shopping Assistant” named as “Tia”. Shopping assistant is an artificial intelligence bot developed on raspberry pi module using google AIY. The module will help the market to bind their customers by providing special features for registered users and some generic features for trial account customers. It has simple and straightforward methodology which can help to bring more efficiency in marketing goods. It has simple and clean user interface which will be easy to handle for customers of all age groups. The product size is not too bulky to take much space. It is also helpful in displaying advertisements of the products which gives idea to the customers to buy products. The bot system is quite attractive and eye-catching so it can attract many customers as a result it can increase the product sale growth. It increases the efficiency of the customers by taking voice command input and giving back voice response or displaying the result. The most important feature which makes it stand apart, “it updates the shopkeeper about the goods which are popular”, which will help the manager in better analysis of the products and helps shopkeeper to investigate in profitable goods.