Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee | India

Pragya Choudhary | Chirag Maheshwari | Agrim Mittal | kush Taneja

Idea Brief Addressing to the problem, the main issue with the current medical diagnosis is the problem of pregnant ladies. We intend to solve these issues by making an intelligent mother care chat bot named “shishu”. We get this from the statistics that around 34% pregnancy cases result in failure which is harming our society especially women. This is some serious concern which we should look upon for betterment of life as well as for better utilization of resources and medical services. There will be two parts of our project : Chatbot for users deployed on various platforms Android app for service access to doctors for their advice Features Chatbot is a Digital Mother care assistant on various mobile platforms. It provides mothers with tips and precautions that they must take during pregnancy, solve their specific doubts by asking to doctors keeping their identity anonymous, answer for even a minute change in their body and suggest prudent advice to save them from any internal injury. It even reminds them of their doctor’s checkup, delivery dates and keep them updated according to their health. Using NLP and machine learning techniques it even processes different languages and talk to users in their native language so that they can understand it in a more better way. Chatbot Features Real time Mobile Mother care assistant Solve doubts relating to pregnancy Information about nearest maternity clinic as per user’s location Available 24X7 anytime, anywhere Android Application Features Doctor get filtered questions related to pregnancy and allows them to answer accordingly. Using data analytics, doctors will be able to know about the area from which they are getting maximum queries. This will help them to set up their clinic or decide their visits to particular area. Doctors can answer or either talk to patient directly according to their engagements.