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Kshitij Chaurasiya | Tanya Saroha | Ravi Raj | Varad Bhatnagar

People’s obsession with fitness is not going to end anytime soon and with the alarming rise in levels of obesity in children across the world and diseases related to it, it is good to be a fitness conscious individual in today’s time. But where do we start from? What regimen should I follow? What all should I eat to lose weight? How much water should I drink according to my body weight? If you cannot find a certified fitness professional to answer your questions, fret not! Here is where Sensei will come to the rescue. Sensei is a two-way interactive model built on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Algorithms which will answer all your queries regarding fitness and help you maintain a healthier lifestyle devoid of life-threatening diseases and malnutrition. All responses of the chatbot will personalised, which will give you intelligent answers and suggestions based on your body type and body routine. So the next time you have trouble deciding if you should eat that sumptuous ice cream and jalebis or not , try Sensei !