SAV – The Future of Truth

University of Texas at Dallas | United States

Mohammed Sameer MohamedAli | Vinay Ramesh

'SAV' is a software application that aims to introduce a new technology to improve the way we find, validate and share truth in the age of Information Communication Technology. A SAV test is designed to differentiate between authentic and fake users. Online and mobile app-based account fraud is an epidemic that is impacting companies and their users on a global scale. In many cases, the trouble begins when “bad actors” are able to register for accounts. With user bases considered a critical asset with an average value of $117 million, companies need to prevent these users from entering their ecosystem. When an user account is not verified, the companies risk, allowing bad actors into their User Base. 82% of companies surveyed confirm fake users are a problem; 44% report them as a significant problem. Once fake users are registered, they can easily create more accounts and wreak havoc.Hence we are on a mission to save the Internet ecosystem from fraud, fake users and machine designed to generated human like responses by helping to identify the truth with the aid of SAV.