Columbia University | United States

Suellen Silva Aguiar | Pranjal Bajaj | Gemma Torras Vives | Gilead Norman Penn

Saloo is a chatbot that connects users to healthcare providers covered by their insurance. The following narrative represents the problem Saloo is trying to solve: “ I have a severe headache. I need to see a doctor. I have an insurance provider. But I don't know which hospitals are close to me that accept my insurance provider. I don’t know which doctor to see. I don’t know how much it will cost. “ Saloo helps insurance providers improve the end-user experience by providing them a one-stop shop solution: A Chatbot that allows users to to find local hospitals that are covered by their insurance providers, find doctors that cater to their medical needs, compare costs and book appointments. Such a service will allow end-users to get more out of their health insurance. *Saloo is a modified version of the word Latin word Salus which refers to “health” and colloquially refers to a “greeting”.