Rough Terrain Beetle Robot

Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women | India

Bhoomika Puchakayala | Haritha Rudraraju

Generally some of the risky and various tasks cannot be done by human. Thus there is need for change in present era. So, robot can be a good and effective option for risky purposes. Robot plays various roles in different fields of industries, medical, colleges, home appliances and military and defence. The proposed work is to design and develop a rough terrain beetle robot. Now a day’s robot’s comes in the market works on a simple terrain while we are on a project which works on plain surface as well as rough surface such as forest, hilly and rocky areas. In this project we are focusing on the use of rough terrain robots instead of using other simple robots. This project also presents an automatic robot which uses different technologies like Infrared sensor, PIR sensor etc. and this paper proposed a low voltage power supply, low cost and wireless robot which is controlled using AVR microcontroller.