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Omar Ghalawinji | Cristi Hedeș | Geo Jolly

Rondo is the first shopping companion that will revolutionize the supermarkets fidelity programs. Only by providing the fidelity number, the customer will receive personalized offers and promotions as Rondo will analyse their shopping behaviour. Rondo is also a personal assistant in supermarkets! It will manage the customer’s shopping list and remind them about products they may need! By using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Rondo will be able to study customer behavior and provide them with tailored customer support! There is no need to ask an employee in the supermarket if you cannot find your favorite Nutella! Rondo will tell you where it is located. Just tell Rondo what you need and it will deliver the product to your doorstep! If delivery is not possible, then Rondo will remind you to buy that product the next time you go to the supermarket. Shopping now is way more fun with Rondo!