Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar | India

Sandeep Yadav | Akshat Sandhaliya

Its a virtual travel assistant that provides on demand feed,notifications and data according to customization(location,eating preferences,age etc.)It takes the necessary data and takes the interests from the social media of a person and provides the chat to him in the same manner Chatbot serves the data ranging from flight details,cab facility to location (precise timings,photos,guide,weather etc which makes the travel more sensible and by pinning points and tracking journey it saves a lot of money too),markets( helps to walk through markets and worth buying prices )or it may be a nightlife . \The app uses technologies such as AI,ML and augmented reality. The whole core of the idea is based on 2 things. we are initially focused on the curation of content that's already present but not organised or is not present effectively. 2. Working on those data sets  - ML would Basically work on the  small data sets and then gradually on larger ones ultimately leading to form the NS's and that's where our AI would kick in. Our app also uses augmented reality to get deep data that too based only on algorithms,location,preferences,data and not getting more .