Road Point Sensors

jntuk | India

Srivalli Chandana | Haneesha Jalluri | Srikanth Padmanabhuni | Manikanta Devanaboyina

The main aim of idea Road Point Sensors is to reduce the road side accidents which are happened by the vehicles which are moved with high speed. Now-a- days the road accidents are become common in all the countries. The main reason for those accidents is awareness. People didn’t realize when the accident occurs and how they were treated with a first aid. Our idea tries to bring the solution for this problem. From the past years there is a huge change in the technology. Once again this developed technology has come with the solution with the above problem. The idea is purely based on the IOT (Internet-Of-Things). The main objective of this idea is to setup the sensors and GPS tracking camera on the distance indicators on roads to track the vehicles which are moving with a high speed. When the sensors track the vehicle it will send the information to near conducted security offices to stop the vehicle and send the alert messages to road side people and foot path people. The alert message will be send in either voice message via speakers or send the information with the humans who are worked in the security offices. The security offices are maintained at every 10 or 15 km distance. This will aware the people for to avoid the accidents. When this idea come with the people this will definitely reduce the accidents. Even though this idea will give the notifications to the other vehicles on the roads.