Nanyang Technological University | Singapore

Yi Hao Chan | Jun Jie Soh

RevAmpS is a mobile application that promotes sustainability efforts in campuses. By coupling ‘green’ features and utility-oriented features, the app aims to garner a sizeable user base by solving common issues they face and then nudge them towards greener habits. We will first use Nanyang Technological University (NTU) as a testbed for the idea as we are currently studying there.  RevAmpS will have 4 main features: 1. Object identification, recognises an object scanned by the user and tells if the object is recyclable and how to recycle it in a proper manner. As an extension, this will be linked to a recycling incentivisation scheme, where subscribed users can stick a QR code onto the bag of recyclables for tracking and points accumulation. Points can be converted into vouchers that can be used in supermarkets and shopping centers. 2. The food waste feature will allow users to share locations at NTU that have leftover food from event catering. As an extension, this could be broadened into a platform that allows for exchange of used goods within a community. 3. Map, shows the shortest path to locate recycling bins at NTU from their current location 4. Calendar, a schedule planner with features specially catered for NTU students. The utility-oriented feature will also have its own ‘green’ twist by featuring environment-centric events such as recycling drives and nature walks.