Refuse Disposal

anna university chennai | India

BalaKumaran K | Hanisha R

This project aims to provide a solution to disposal of refuse in municipality. Solid waste in India has been more technical than managerial. It has rarely been seen as a tool to alleviate poverty for thousands of informal sector workers who trade and recycle the waste. It adds that collection figures do not take into account the fact that nearly nine to twenty percent of waste is collected for recycling and removed from waste stream by waste pickers, waste dealers and buyers. Timely pick up of waste from the trash bin by the dustcart becomes a tedious process. In this project a sensor is fixed in the dustbin which identifies the level of waste and intimates the driver so that the action will be taken in a clean fast manner. At a large scale when N number of dustbin for a particular area updates the status , best possible route with minimum distance is displayed on the screen to the driver. Live tracking of dustcart is provided to the end users.