Recipe House

The University of Nottingham | United Kingdom

Junsong Yang | Luou Wen | Yanting SHEN | Chaoqun Zhang

Imagine you come back home from work and open the fridge, you have got lots of ingredients but do not know what to cook. Here comes Recipe House. No need to spend hours thinking about what to make, Recipe House will give you the best recipe right away. Recipe House utilizes AI and chatbot services to offer users maximum convenience in their daily lives. Users only need to take a picture of what they have, (or if they are using Amazon Echo, they can simply tell Alexa). Thus, it saves time and contributes to minimising food waste. Recipe House will also be a mutually beneficial business for companies and our team. For online food selling companies, our technology can help promote food products and give users a warm and welcoming experience with personalised recipe suggestions. Applying machine learning technology will allow us to improve the accuracy of our model over time. Hence, the quality of our service will only evolve to provide businesses and consumers more wonderful experiences.