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Shaik Yasin Begum | Sompalli Hema Naga Lakshmi Prasanna | vineetha Chadalavada | Yandapalli Gowri Swarajya Lakshmi Sowmya

THE MAIN AIM OF PROJECT is To create a tool which will monitor the quality of air of our environment. To explain the differnt gases present in and around the environment. And display the result on LCD. The main objective of the project” REAL TIME AIR POLLUTION MONITORING SYSTEM”Is to find the amount of gases present in the atmosphere which are responsible for air pollution such as CH4, NO2,LPG,and CO , to display the amount of gases using LCD, to give the indication about safe or dangerous levels in a particular area by comparing with threshold levels and save the information in the SD card. The data is simultaneously sent to the cloud and can be accessed at any time using internet. The Wi-Fi shield is used to send the data to cloud. The data can be stored in the cloud along with the time. After analyzing for few days there is a chance of getting an overview about the pollution levels in that area. There by the pollution control board can suggest the government to take necessary preventive steps such as diverting the traffic in that area or construction of flyovers. Hence the “Real –Time Air Pollution Monitoring System” will be used for analyzing and reducing the pollution and for creating the awareness among the people. Sensor networks are currently and active research area mainly due to the potential of the applications. And these abstract we investigate the use of real time air pollution monitoring system. With the fast growing industries, one of the greatest problems that the world is facing today is environmental pollution. The level of increased with times by lot of factors like the increase in population, increased level of pollution vehicle use, industrialization and urbanization which results in harmful effects on human wellbeing by directly affecting health of humans exposed to it. The proposed real time air pollution system make use of air quality index which is presently not available in some areas. These system help the society to increase the quality of their life and overall health of people at risk. Have the ability of to monitor and record the pollution can help to shape our daily activities.