Random Pattern security in ATM

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RITU RAMAKRISHNAN | ramapriya babu

Today as we all seen ATM has been used in our daily lives, as they are used for ease in transaction which was somewhat difficult in early times where there were long queues in bank for printing passbook, withdrawals money and depositing money. ATM allows a customer to make cash withdrawals, printing passbook and check account balance without the need for human teller. The present ATM system uses Bank ATM card and PIN (Personal Identification Number) which user can change at any time through ATM machines. According to latest scenario ATM fraud is a very grave problem for banks. This project leads to establish authentication results which can be used by banks as well as various organizations. Now a day‘s security system used in ATM is completely based on PIN security system which is vulnerable. Banks provide four digits PIN to the user which can be changed later by the user. After first use, user usually changes the password and keeps password quite guessable.This is the main drawback of this PIN type ATM system.