Rainfall Predictor

Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal | India

Saurav Panda | Sarthak Sahai | Uttaran Tribedi

Flash flood or uncalled for sudden rains is a big problem in many parts of the world, which claims thoundands and thousands of lives every year. This happens because of a sudden change of temperature, pressure and wind patterns these sudden changes are very difficult to account for. So our solution is to solve this issue. We plan on designing a learning algorithm which will take these parameters into consideration and give a prediction on the amount of precipitation the place is going to receive. For getting the live weather feed(parameters) we would be using an Arduino Uno or a Raspberry pi controller to take these inputs to our prediction algorithm. The beauty of this is that we get the live feed of that particular place with almost accuracy. The prediction can be seen on an app which will be updated on half hourly basis and if the precipitation crosses a particular threshold we generate a notification via an app to alert the people nearby.